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A personal life coaching course by Jeff Yalden for our youth, families, young adults, and school communities. Courses are designed to build a trusted relationship that answers the most asked questions to give you clarity, purpose, direction, motivation, and to help you achieve your true potential.


My Mission

I specialize in building relationships and teaching essential life skills for success. I’m going to help you engage the inner purpose and drive while being intentional about your life so that you can enjoy LIFE.

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Impact & Success

I love helping teens and families come together and work with one another.

I love helping teens and families come together and work with one another.

More than two decades working in school communities having inspired over 5 Million Youth and Families.

In 2006 - 2011, Jeff was the Teen Life Coach on MTV’s hit reality television show MADE.

Jeff has traveled all 50 states, 49 countries, and every province in Canada.




I’ve worked with teens my whole life. Heck, I do this work because of the hardship I had when I was a teen myself. I understand and know their challenges and the fear they have trying to live and be themselves. Building the relationship and gaining their trust takes some time, but I gain it, and then I can do the relationship building and work.



Young Adults

Incredible age span. Anger, resentment, self-reflection, disappointment, identity, reputation, etc. This age group is caught between trying to meet expectations and not being a disappointment, and the reality of today’s youth and their struggles with their own emotions, in which are confusing to themselves. Time. Patience. Validation.



Parents & Adulting

Adulting and being responsible. Time management, Trusted Adult to help them answer the questions they don’t know how to communicate. Building the relationship on how it looks to validate yourself and be one with who you are. Understanding how to build a relationship with your teens, or how to be productive in daily life.


The Courses

All courses are online and you have unlimited lifetime access! Each course is priced differently depending on the length of the course and the investment and time that went into each course. You have a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like the course or feel it isn’t beneficial to you, no questions asked, I will refund your money. That is how strongly I feel about the success of these courses and my relationship with people from teens to adults in self-improvement and life.



28 Days of Purposeful Living is four modules and seven lessons in each module, plus slides & template downloads, a copy of my book 28 Days, and daily motivational videos to inspire you in this journey, AND YOU have LIFETIME Access to this ONE OF A KIND course that’ll change your life starting TODAY.

5 Pillars for Success

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Teen Mental Health

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Teen Suicide Prevention Certification Course

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Saving a family and their teen son . . . From despair to direction in months

From the school principal . . .

From the school principal . . .

I first meet Jeff Yalden at our local high school following an assembly where he had spoke to our High School students. My daughter came home telling me that a man (Jeff Yalden) had spoken at  her school  describing the event as very impactful. 

My daughter was aware that Mr. Yalden would be at the school that evening to recap with parents what he had shared with students earlier in the day.  We returned to the school that evening.  Arriving early I hoped for the opportunity to get few minutes with Mr. Yalden to discuss challenges my son was facing. 

Mr. Yalden took the time to visit and coach me on things I needed to do and things I needed to do differently. 

My sons condition seemed to be deteriorating.  He struggled to attend school.  Refused to take his medication.  Didn’t feel a need to see his doctors.  Stopped seeing his therapist.  He frequently mentioned not having a will to live.   For me, I really did not know where to turn.

I thought back on the conversation I had with Mr. Yalden, and the impact my daughter said he had on students.  I decided to send Mr. Yalden a email explaining the situation.   I was unsure if I would even get a response back as I know he is a very busy man, speaks to hundreds on young people a week, and my boy is only one person. 

The next day Mr. Yalden called me.  We discussed my concerns regarding my son.  Mr. Yalden remembered our initial meeting and said, “I am willing to help!  He put together a video reaching out to my son inviting him into a relationship with Mr. Yalden as a “Significant Trusted Adult”.   At this point, it was up to my son to choose the invitation or not.  Things on his end did not happen quickly but he did make the first step, reached out, and admitted he needed help.

Today, Mr. Yalden and I, Mr. Yalden and my son too, communicate on a daily basis.   Their relationship continues to grow.  With the support of Mr. Yalden we now have a plan to finish High School.  We have made a Doctor’s appointment that would not have happened without his support and each morning starts with taking the medications prescribed for him.  A few days ago, he was reviewing a 28 day plan that Mr. Yalden is coaching him through.    

Today we are celebrating small wins.  The successes are more frequently. This is progress that undoubtedly would not have happened without the support of Jeff Yalden.

*The image testimonial is this young man making life changes and graduated from high school, but not before doing all the work he had to do. Jeff worked with the boy, his family, and the school principal. Ultimately, we saved this the life of this young man and gave hope to the family.